Ugo Tonietti

 Ugo Tonietti                    President

Associate Professor in Static and Stability of Masonry and Monumental Buildings at University of Florence, retired in 2019
ICOMOS member

My studies and activities contributed to promoting a specialized professional figure that could tackle the structural and architectural aspects together in the conservation projects since they are strictly jointed in historical architectures. I have extensive experience in the field of stabilisation and conservation of Cultural Heritage, both in investigations and in consolidation (and restoration) projects. I attended International research projects on ancient masonries – earth, brick and stone made – and towns. I took part in the supervision and design of conservation works, investigations and drafting of guidelines on anti-seismic consolidation. As a scientific researcher in defining compatible conservation approach for Cultural Heritage, I published many articles and I was invited to several international seminars and series of lessons. I’m a member of the Unesco Roster of Experts active in protecting Syrian cultural heritage. I was coordinator of the PhD curriculum in Structure and conservation of architecture and Cultural Heritage at Florence University (2013 ‐2019).

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