Our Values

We believe in the human need for cultural expression.

We believe that the Conservation of Historic Heritage is a decisive tool in consolidating the identity of populations, in strengthening their self-esteem and in allowing them to open up to cultures other than their own. Each architectural manifestation of recognized value contains a story of human skills and intelligence that needed exchanges and hybridizations to develop. Every monument or vernacular emergency we save is an investment in a more open and peaceful future.

We want to contribute to the knowledge, rediscovery and enhancement of the World Heritage, especially that of populations in difficult conditions, due to their environmental and economic location, and who run the risk of losing the expressions of their history, originality and diversity, since this would be a loss for the whole of humanity.

Our vision is to stimulate the search for new expressions of ingenuity and art by safeguarding the architectural masterpieces of the past.

The main vehicle is represented by the profound knowledge of the culture that created them, but also by the suggestion that derives from the path of conservation if implemented in harmony with and listening to, that culture. This is a precious source of teaching both from a mechanical and architectural point of view and for the relationship established with the environment and with nature.

Our mission consists in promoting projects with an interdisciplinary approach, aimed at enhancing the qualities of historical and indigenous solutions, conceiving the interventions as dependent on the understanding of the material, constructive and structural identity, and reconciling the requests for the conservation of the asset with the safety of the users.

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