Luisa Rovero

 Luisa Rovero                   Scientific Coordinator

PhD in Structural Mechanics
Associate Professor of Structural Mechanics at the University of Florence

My research activity is strongly linked to mechanical testing of materials and structures in laboratory, in situ experimentation and to the subsequent processing, interpretation and analytical modelling of the results. In particular, I deal with the mechanical characterization of masonry materials (brick, stone, adobe and mortar) and with the acceptance and characterization tests of innovative technologies based on organic fiber‐reinforced materials for the compatible reinforcement of historical masonry structures. For many years I’ve been interested in the structural reading of historical and monumental buildings in order to define diagnostic protocols. My research is documented in at least 40 papers in Scopus indexed journals and a hundred other papers for conferences or book chapters. I’ve taken part in numerous research projects, funded on competitive calls or research appointments, on stabilization and conservation of Cultural Heritage in many countries, contributing on the characterization of materials for the development of diagnostic analysis.

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