Giulia Misseri

 Giulia Misseri                  Junior Researcher

PhD in Structures and Conservation of Architecture and Cultural Heritage
Junior Researcher at the University of Florence

A former member of the Department of Sciences and Techniques of Architecture of the Catholic University Our Lady of Good Conseil in Tirana, Albania, I am now an assistant professor of structural mechanics at the Department of Architecture of Florence University. My research activity focuses on analysing and interpreting masonry structures, mainly belonging to the cultural heritage, and on their safeguard through compatible strengthening interventions. Specific research topics are the interpretation of fibre-reinforced composite systems’ mechanical behaviour, analysis of curved masonry structures, monumental complexes, and particular masonry typologies, such as with irregular layout and made of rammed earth or adobe. Investigations addressed both experimental campaigns and interpretative modelling. In laboratory activities, I have applied standard test methods and specifically designed protocols. For structural assessment, I work with commercially available software packages as well as personal source codes

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