Sara Stefanini

 Sara Stefanini                 Consultant and Executive Board Member

PhD in Structures and Conservation of Architecture and Cultural Heritage

I graduated with a multidisciplinary PhD thesis in which the purely technical aspects of the conservation of cultural heritage have been addressed by seeking a comparison with the socio-cultural aspects. My postdoctoral activity at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence is focused on the seismic vulnerability of the historical building with particular reference to experimental and analytical investigations on construction techniques and traditional anti‐seismic devices with a view to safeguarding the architectural heritage and traditional knowledge. In addressing the issues inherent to the built heritage, I seek the integration of the various aspects that characterize a project: the relationship with the context (both architectural and social), the structural system (seeking the conjugation between safeguard and safety) and the technological one, the architectural composition, the functionality. Thanks to the training courses, I have a valid ability to visually communicate, making complex issues accessible to a non‐technical audience.

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