Santiago de Chile, Chile

Surveys for seismic improvement interventions on San Francisco Church

FONDECYT Project, in collaboration with the  Architecture Department of the University of Chile

National Monument

2015 – 2017

Research project

San Francisco’s church (XVII century) has become over time one of the symbols of the city, being the oldest monumental building in Santiago and the nation. In the last 400 years, the church withstood 15 earthquakes with a magnitude between 7,1 and 9,5. The research offered a historical, constructive and structural analysis of the church and, after the results of the different analyzes and the diagnostic judgment, presented some assumptions for possible interventions of consolidation.

2016 – Sara Stefanini’s master thesis: “San Francisco’s Church in Santiago (Chile): 400 years of resistance against earthquakes. Analysis and assumptions of consolidation”. The University of Florence awarded the thesis with the publication.

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