Balkh, Afghanistan

Structural conservation project of Noh Gonbad Mosque in Balkh, Afghanistan

Cooperation with the DAFA under the leadership of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture

2013 – ongoing

Stabilization of external load-bearing walls of the Noh Gunbad mosque and recovery of the archaeological site in its original configuration.


2007 – 2012

Stabilization of the damaged arches in the Noh Gunbad archaeological site.


2015 – WMF publication: “The Nine Domes of the Universe: The Ancient Noh Gonbad Mosque the Study and Conservation of an Early Islamic Monument at Balkh” (pdf).

2016 – Giulia Misseri’s PhD Thesis: “Seismic vulnerability of pointed arches under rigid body assumption. Numerical and experimental evaluations”

2019 – Arash Boostani’s PhD Thesis: “Traditional construction techniques in Northern Afghanistan. Consolidation and retrofitting on ancient architecture: the case of Noh-Gonbad mosque in Balkh” (FUP award 2019)

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